On the Issues

As Commissioner, Joshua has always listened to Coral Springs residents to ensure our city grows and prepares for the future.

Government Efficiency

Our city’s taxes are continually increasing and as Commissioner, Josh has been committed to keeping Coral Springs a city with some of the lowest taxes in Broward County. He will work to make city services more efficient while improving their impact on residents. Josh will keep our budget tight and return savings back to residents by lowering taxes.

COVID-19 Recovery

This pandemic has been difficult for families everywhere, and in Coral Springs, our neighbors and small businesses have felt the impacts. Joshua will work in partnership with state and local organizations to lead our economic recovery and offer city services that minimize the impact of the pandemic. That starts with improving our vaccination numbers, and Joshua is working continuously to encourage more people to keep themselves and their families safe by getting vaccinated.

Guarantee a Sustainable Future

Coral Springs should be a shining example for how cities can handle climate change, and Joshua intends to lead the way. By implementing green technologies and modernized systems, Joshua will help us protect the environment, increase property values, and offer a healthier future for our children.

Improve Waste Solutions

We pay too much for waste services, and we don’t get enough value from those expenses. Joshua will work with waste vendors to revamp our waste management systems to reduce costs and improve quality of service. Our neighborhoods should be clean and beautiful as a reflection of our residents.

Keep Us Safe

As Commissioner, Joshua led efforts to create new community policing programs that have kept crime rates low and increased trust in law enforcement. He’ll continue building on these programs to ensure all of our residents and visitors feel safe.